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People Jesus Met: The man at the pool

John 5:1-24 | Speaker: Mikey Williams | Date: 21st August 2016

People Jesus Met: The Samaritan woman

John 4:1-26 | Speaker: Charlie Thomson | Date: 14th August 2016

People Jesus Met: Nicodemus

John 3:1-16 | Speaker: Mikey Williams | Date: 7th August 2016

The Resurrection: The doubting disciple

John 20:24-29 | Speaker: Mike Neville | Date: 17th April 2016

The Resurrection: The locked door

John 20:19-23 | Speaker: Mike Neville | Date: 10th April 2016

The Resurrection: The weeping woman

John 20:10-18 | Speaker: Mike Neville | Date: 3rd April 2016

The Resurrection: The empty tomb

John 20:1-9 | Speaker: Mike Neville | Date: 27th March 2016
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